2020/21 Season Fees and Payment Schedules

>>> Download the 2020-21 Payment Schedule form HERE <<<

We are proud to announce the fees for playing with the Pittsburgh Huskies in the 2020-2021 season will remain as $1,700 for skaters and $850 for full time goaltenders.

In addition, there is a $125 registration fee, payable when registering online, that is not reimbursable.

The season fees will cover playing a complete PAHL 20 game schedule, all PAHL playoff games, goaltending-specific training, as well as $2,500 per team for tournaments (to be chosen by each team).

Any additional tournaments, including States or Nationals will be covered by each player individually. No refunds are provided for a player who is unable to attend a tournament chosen by their team.

The cost of jerseys & socks is not included. Please see jersey order form for those prices.

There will be fundraisers throughout the season to help pay for season fees if you chose to participate in the fundraisers.

Installment Skater Goalie
Commitment (collected at tryouts) 300 300
August 15th 250 100
September 15th 250 100
October 15th 225 100
November 15th 225 100
December 15th 225 100
January 15th 225 50
Total Season: 1,700 *850

*full time goalies-no skating  

A $100.00 discount will be provided for each additional sibling when more than one member of the same family plays for the Pittsburgh Huskies.

The Pittsburgh Huskies have the right to remove a player from participating in team activities if their account is not paid in full by January 15, 2020. If other payment options are needed please contact the Treasurer prior to December 31, 2020.

The Pittsburgh Huskies have the right to remove one tournament from any team that does not have at least 15 players rostered by December 31, 2020.

If a player fails to decline their placement, which is announced on our website 48 hours after the last tryout session, by the time specified, the commitment fee is non-refundable.

If a player withdraws from the Pittsburgh Huskies, or is terminated for any reason, all fees paid are forfeited and payment of any unpaid fees is accelerated and becomes immediately and fully due and payable.

Any and all fines incurred by a spectator at a Huskies game will be the responsibility of the offending person.

Tryout fees are non-refundable.

COVID-19 Response: If there is a stoppage of the season due to a National emergency, players will be refunded a portion of the season fees to be determined by the Board.