Fee & Payment Due Schedule

The fees for playing with the Pittsburgh Huskies in the 2022-2023 season will be $2,550 for skaters & $1,325 for full time  goaltenders.

In addition, there is a $125 registration fee.

The season fees will cover playing a complete PAHL schedule, all PAHL playoff games, 6 summer ice practices, full ice practices from August 15-March 15.

Any additional tournaments, including States or Nationals will be covered by each player individually. 

The cost of jerseys & socks is not included in the season fees and will be the responsibility of each player.

There will be fundraisers throughout the season to help pay for season fees, if you chose to participate.

Installment Skaters Goalies Due Date
Commitment Fee
due May 7th*
$300 $300 *Check due at first tryout and cashed if you make the team
1st Installment $375 $175 07/15/2022
2nd Installment $375 $170 08/15/2022
3rd Installment $375 $170 09/15/2022
4th Installment $375 $170 10/15/2022
5th Installment $375 $170 11/15/2022
6th Installment $375 $170 12/15/2022
Total Fees $2,550 $1,325  

Total Fees includes Commitment Fee and Season Fees.  It does not include the Registration Fee.